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#1 2017-01-09 08:28:11

From: Melbourne, Australia
Registered: 2015-11-10
Posts: 242
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FS/Trade: Australian Koala 2013 1 KILO SILVER COIN Sealed in Capsule

Greetings Silver Stackers,

I have here for sale a few Australian Koala 2013 1 Kilo Silver Coins Sealed in their Capsules & Mint Condition.

Currently selling at Spot + 13% + $15 Regular Shipping + Tracking (Optional Express Shipping $25)

If you wanted to trade I will accept any of the below:

1) 1 of these 1 KG Coins for 1 PAMP 1 KG Bar + $75
2) 2 of these 1 Kg Coins for 60 Oz American Silver Eagles (3 Full Tubes)
3) 2 of these 1 Kg Coins for 60 Oz Canadian Maples (2 Full Tubes + 10 Coins)
4) 2 of these 1 Kg Coins for 60 Oz Austrian Philharmonics (3 Full Tubes)
5) 2 of these 1 Kg Coins for 60 Oz Australian Silver Kangaroos (2 Full Tubes + 10 Coins)
6) 1 of these 1 Kg Coins for 125 Australian 1966 Round 50c Coins
7) 1 of these 1 Kg Coins for Pre-1945 (Threepence, Sixpence, Shillings and/or Florins) at 43 oz ASW
8) If you have other Silver for trade PM me and we can discuss and arrange something.

I can ship anywhere in Australia - Shipping cost and associated risk of postage on buyer.

Can meet F2F if you're in Melbourne. PM to arrange deal.

Buzz and contact me if you want some and we will arrange it. You will be required to make payment within 15 minutes and provide evidence of your deposit either via Bank transfer or Paypal Gift.

They are Limited Mintage - Only 51,296 Minted.

They come in their Sealed Coin Capsule as seen in the images below:





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