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#1 2016-12-28 00:58:21

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The GST scam that was on the news

$41 Million in … 6c4a401615 … 6c4a401615

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I am the Petal who like metals smile


#2 2016-12-28 01:13:21

Silver Stacker
From: North Sydney
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Re: The GST scam that was on the news

Not sure what the industry is whinging about it.

If the scam volume is $600m of GST value there is no way the refiner didn't know.

Definitely not talking about people coming in with 20grams or even few ounces.

1, if it was carousel arrangement with no gold even changing hands than as refiner what deafness is there.
2, how often in the past would a refiner get a bucket load of 999 bullion that's been mounted for refining?

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Interested in a wide variety of low premium legal tender World Silver coins, average conditions is fine.
Will pay a decent premium for a variety different silver coins in single lots, not looking 10, 20 or more of same coins.
Note I tumble these to clean them before I put it in jars for display, so I dont want to buy any rare coins for preservation.


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