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#1 2016-04-19 20:50:54

From: Pennsylvania
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1.42ct Neon Blue Paraiba (copper bearing) Tourmaline, Old Stock

This is a 1.42ct  neon blue paraiba (copper bearing) tourmaline.  This stone was sold to me as Brazilian, however, I have no documentation to absolutely prove the Country of origin.  This stone was purchased about 14 years ago from a Jeweler who retired.  This stone measures approximately 7.6 x 7.9mm.   This stone is pretty clean for a paraiba tourmaline and it has that pool water blue color everyone is looking for.  These blue paraiba tourmaline are from my personal collection.   I did not intend on selling them for a long time because prices continue to increase every year, however, I have some bills that need paid off.  My loss is your gain.  I'm asking $3050.





#2 2016-08-09 11:48:01

New Member
From: New York City
Registered: 2015-03-31
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Re: 1.42ct Neon Blue Paraiba (copper bearing) Tourmaline, Old Stock

Oh nice, this looks beautiful smile The color is very unique. Simply gorgeous. I feel bad that you have to sell such a beautiful piece.

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