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#1 2015-02-09 15:12:29

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Greek Euro collectible?

since there is a possibility of greece exiting euro would any of you start collecting greek euros (coins and banknotes)?

it might have some potential?

any thoughts?


#2 2015-02-09 18:34:28

Silver Stacker
From: Australia
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Re: Greek Euro collectible?

The banknotes would not be worth collecting as they are all the same across Europe..

The coins do have different backs and they brought out lots of commemoratives in the 2 Euro size.

The Greek coins are easy enough to spot, instead of having "Euro cents' written on them the have "Lepta" or "Lepto".

There are plenty of sets around so I don't think they will ever be rare, The Drachma coins were never that collectible either but there might be enough of a story behind a set of Greek Euro coins to make them more interesting.

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#3 2015-03-18 14:17:42

From: australia sydney
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Re: Greek Euro collectible?

i have first 12european countries full set euro coins
if you like it … =432017323


#4 2016-04-05 17:55:55

From: Ireland
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Re: Greek Euro collectible?

Jislizard wrote:

The banknotes would not be worth collecting as they are all the same across Europe...

I'm a bit late to this thread as I rarely head this far down the SS forum. But I did think this thread was interesting, even if redundant by actual events of 2015.

As Euro notes from individual countries in the Eurozone can be distinguished from their prefix (country of Issue; which in this case would be a Y for Greece) and even the place they were prnted (printer code; N for notes the Greeks printed themselves) it does raise the question as to what would have happened to Greek issued € notes (Y prefix) had Greek exited the Euro; would they still be legal tender in the rest of the Eurozone (some would have surely circulated there) or would they be worthless as the Greek national bank/Government was no longer able to back them financially, and would have in all probability re-issued the Drachma?

Would there be a surge to collect these Y prefixed notes? Would Greek printed Greek issued Euro notes be worth more to a notaphilist than the Greek issued notes that were printed in Austria, Holland or Germany?! Greece survived so we never got to find out, fortunately. But it would create an interesting scenario for collectors of European bank notes...


#5 2016-04-05 18:27:09

Silver Stacker
From: North Sydney
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Re: Greek Euro collectible?

I think a mass media campaign to get people to check and exchange, euro wide at a minimum.

Greek gov would not know where the notes are (nor would any other gov and currency) and they would have printed new notes to at a certain ratio to in circulation euros?

This is a total guess

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