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#1 2013-03-08 08:54:33

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Auction Kings

Auction Kings: Just watched season 4 Ep 5 and they had 4 big buckets of sterling silver "scrap" yikes


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#2 2013-07-29 02:14:11

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Re: Auction Kings

I wonder if, and so how many, ASE's / Maples / etc went through the recycling.
Yesterday I saw a dealer offering abit lower price on some 1500 of these coins, due to scratches/milk spots etc. 999(9) silver is very soft and prone to becoming 'ugly'. I wonder who is willing to buy these kinda coins. Not any numismatic value, no resistance to circulation, (in such a crazy fashion that even unopenend monsterboxes show those milk spots, and the dealer even talked about the milk spots in the Philharmoniker case, which is according to what I read less prone than the Maples).
Any dealers here that sold them for melt?

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