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Silver Stackers® is a privately owned forum.

Forum Etiquette:

1. Silver Stackers is a precious metals and numismatic discussion forum. Any posts or topics not conforming to the general culture of the forum may be deleted at the discretion of the Administrator.

2. Be respectful to fellow forum members in your postings. Silver Stackers is an online community - not a flaming forum. Hateful, racist, vilifying, discriminatory, threatening, inflammatory, malicious, defamatory or libelous posts will be deleted, and the account of the forum member responsible may at the discretion of the Administrator be suspended or terminated. KEEP IT CLEAN!

3. Multiple accounts are not permitted. Any member found creating multiple accounts will have all accounts banned from the forum, and will be banned indefinitely.

4. Unscrupulous activity, malicious behaviour or any other action that would result in a member not being considered "in good standing" will not be tolerated, and the account of the forum member responsible may at the discretion of the Administrator be suspended or terminated.

5. When copying articles from elsewhere on the web, members are requested to include a source link back to the original material, and limit the cut & paste to a few paragraphs. Wholesale cut & paste of entire articles should only be done with the original copyright holder's permission. Obvious copyright violations may be edited or removed at the discretion of the Administrator.

6. Do your own due diligence. Views posted in this forum do not constitute financial advice. Before making an investment, please seek financial advice from a qualified professional.

7. This website does not yet comply with "ASIC Regulatory Guideline 162 for Internet Discussion Sites". Members are respectfully requested not to offer or request financial or investment advice until such time as the rules of this website have been updated to comply with these guidelines.

Dealers and Industry Representatives:

1. Dealers and members of the precious metal and numismatic industry are welcome on Silver Stackers, with disclosure of your relationship to the industry. In the interests of integrity, all members must disclose any affiliation or employment in the precious metal and numismatic industry.

2. If you are joining the forum in an "official" capacity, please contact the Administrator by private message or email on joining, and your status will be updated to reflect your representative role.

3. If you are joining the forum in an "unofficial" capacity, please ensure that your signature contains a disclosure worded similar to the following:
Disclosure: I work for (Company XYZ). My posts on this forum are in a personal capacity and are not endorsed by (Company XYZ).

4. User accounts that appear to have been created for the sole purpose of promoting or marketing particular products or companies, without the user disclosing their relationship, are not permitted.

5. A dedicated forum closed to general members has been created for use by dealers, industry representatives and advertisers. At the discretion of the Administrator, an invitation to participate in this industry-only forum will be extended to selected members who have disclosed their industry participation and are considered a worthy contributor in good standing. Invitations to this forum will not be extended to members who are not industry participants, or fail to disclose their industry participation in a timely manner.

Posting Links and Images:

As the Silver Stackers forum grows, so does the number of members wishing to promote their own interests, be it blogs, online shops or other websites. In the interests of maintaining a healthy forum culture, excessive or unnecessary posting of links will be considered a spamming activity, and will not be tolerated. Posting of links is permitted however, within the following guidelines:

1. Members may post links to other websites that are directly related to topics of discussion, within reason.

2. Members may not post affiliate links anywhere on the forum, including posts, signatures or profiles.

3. Members with a minimum 10 posts, who have been a member for more than 30 days, and considered in good standing, may add links to their signature.

4. Members with a minimum 10 posts, who have been a member for more than 30 days, and considered in good standing, may post personal links to their own websites or external content in posts or signatures, however any personal or financial interest in the linked content must be disclosed in the accompanying post or signature.

5. New members (less than 10 posts or 30 days membership) who post links promoting their own material will be reviewed for spamming activity, and the account may at the discretion of the Administrator be terminated without notice. If you wish to promote your goods or services via Silver Stackers, please consider purchasing advertising on the forum.

6. Please minimise "hotlinking" to images hosted on other websites - Silver Stackers has an image upload facility for local image hosting.

7. When using the image upload facility, only upload an image if you own the copyright, or have permission to reproduce it.

8. Do not link to or upload adult images - this website is hosted in Australia, and federal legislation restricts or prohibits the hosting of such images.

9. Members may upload images via their profile for use as an avatar. Avatar images of an adult nature are not acceptable content.

Trading Guidelines:

1. Forum members may choose to conduct transactions with other forum members contacted through this forum. Guidelines relating to such transactions are posted in a sticky thread at the top of each trading forum. Please read and adhere to these guidelines.

2. Forum members conducting business activities through the trading forums are respectfully asked to consider purchasing advertising on the forum. This is not a requirement, but a courtesy in consideration of the free nature of the trading forums, and the costs associated with hosting the forum.

Privacy Statement:

Silver Stackers forum collects limited personal information (such as your email address and password) during registration. Your IP address is also captured by the software for anti-spam purposes. No other personal information is required or requested. Please note that anonymity cannot be guaranteed on the internet - email addresses and IP addresses can be used to track the identities of individuals given the appropriate technical resources.

In principle, Silver Stackers forum will not sell, share or disseminate this information with anyone, unless compelled to by legal means, or under legal advice.

This forum has a private messaging function. The Administrator of the Silver Stackers forum cannot access the contents of private messages exchanged between members. The subject and contents of private messages are encrypted in the database, however private messages via the Silver Stackers forum should not be considered a secure means of communication - in the event of the forum database being hacked or otherwise accessed, these messages would potentially be available for decrypting and reading by a malicious user, or by investigative authorities. Deleting a private message only deletes your copy of the message - the original sender or recipient will still retain a copy, and there is no "recall" function to prevent a sent message from being read. Please be mindful of sharing personal information in a private message.

Regular backups of forum software and forum database are maintained for continuity purposes. These are not retained permanently, however may result in deleted forum posts and deleted private messages being retained offline for several days after deletion on the forum.

Defamation, Libel and Copyright Infringement:

The Administrator of Silver Stackers is not responsible for the contents of any postings on this forum. Comments made by forum members are those of the individual forum member and in hosting these comments, the Administrator in no way endorses the contents of any of the posts contained within this forum.

As this forum is hosted and moderated in Australia, no clear Australian laws exist at this time to indemnify the Administrator from personal liability should members post defamatory or libelous material on this website referring to an individual, organisation or business, or post material infringing on the copyright of others. In the event that a member has posted defamatory or libelous material, or violated copyright, the Administrator may be compelled by legal means, or under legal advice, to comply with requests for release of personal or registration information.

At times the Administrator may deem the contents of a post to be at risk of being defamatory or libelous, and may be required to edit or delete such posts without notice.

If you feel that your person, organisation or business has been subject to defamatory or libelous claims posted on this website, or your copyright has been infringed, please contact the Administrator via email at admin (at) in the first instance for assistance in resolving the matter. Generally requests for removal of content considered defamatory or libelous will be reviewed within 24 hours on a best effort basis. The Administrator reserves the right to seek legal advice before responding to any request for content removal, or for requests seeking personal details of forum members.

Last updated: 29th April 2010. "Silver Stackers" is a REGISTERED trademark.

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