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#1 2017-01-11 07:52:39

From: Melbourne
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Anyone Selling Perth Mint 1oz Silver Coins?

Hi All,

I'm looking for the following Perth Mint 1oz Silver Bullion Coins

2011 Kookaburra

2007 Koala
2008 Koala
2009 Koala
2010 Koala
2013 Koala
2014 Koala

2015 Kangaroo
2017 Kangaroo

2016 Stock Horse

2016 Five Blessings

I can get most, if not all of these from various dealers but ideally I am hoping a member or two might be able to supply the majority to save on several postage charges. Don't really want to be buying 1-2 per person and having to pay lots of separate postages

If you have several of these, please let me know your price

*Must be in mint condition and preferably in capsule



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