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#1 2017-01-07 08:05:03

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New from New York

I'm originally from upstate NY and currently live in South Korea. 

Look forward to joining the community.

I currently have 3 1/10th gold coins, a 3.75 gram gold bar, and 15 ounces of silver not including my ancient coins and other coin collection and jewelry.

I have seen some interesting bullion coins and bars here in South Korea.

I'm fairly new to stacking and my goal is $5,000 of my wealth in precious metals.

In my opinion, precious metals are good for storing wealth that is to be passed from generation to generation. After meeting my stacking goal, I plan to use the gold:silver ratio to increase the size of my holding without having to pay anymore out of pocket.

I plan to liquidate my holdings of gold or silver, using say Apmex, and then buy the other when the gold to silver ratio is favorable.  I buy silver when ration is ~75:1 or above(like now). Then sell the silver and buy gold when it is 50:1 or below.

If I buy 150 ounces of silver @ 75:1 it takes 75 ounces to equal one ounce of gold so my 150 ounces of silver is equivalent to 2 ounces of gold.
If I then sell my 150 ounces of silver when the ratio is 50:1 and buy gold, that 150 ounces of silver now turns into 3 ounces of gold, and I didn't have to pay anymore out of pocket. This is how I plan to do it. And teach my children to do the same with the precious metals I pass on to them. Simply an inter-generational savings account.


#2 2017-01-07 08:20:21

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Re: New from New York

Hello, welcome to the forum


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