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#1 2017-01-04 05:46:40

From: PH
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International Shipping from Australia to Philippines - Advice

Hi, i never tried shipping from overseas to Phil, anybody who had tried postage from Australia to Phil? I wanna know a good courier, are the USPS, UPS or Fedex are good for this? Or in  Australia has a better courier or mode like reg postage. I bought my stack usually from my travel abroad with my hand luggage but ofcourse, sometimes i had seen good offers on our boards. I only took the opportunity on buying during family holidays and work overseas schedules.

I know local custom tax for Ph is bit crazy, i probably can handle it. I do my homework reading our local regulations but i want to know any successfull transaction ever made.

Hoping to hear some good advice. I am tempted always to push through but i am bit worried. I read lot of reviews from good dealers, still something is missing.

I was thinking that paying ticket to Hk or Sg is much better if shipping from Australia is quite high risk. But doing so, i have limitation on my hand luggage. Or i need to buy at least 6k or 7k of silver coins abt 300oz / abt 9.1kg to atleast lower my average cost.

From time to time, I wish to keep small transactions staggaredly by 1000usd to 2k on silver coins. Probably a roll or two.

Sorry for my addiction on PM stacking, just looking more convenient way that will work for me.


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