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#1 2016-12-13 19:38:07

New Member
From: sydney
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Hello Stackers

Hi all

Long time watcher but want to get in on the action.:)

Where would a new member start on this page?

I have some coins to sell so any info on how to post or price things or rules on buying and selling would be great.




#2 2016-12-13 19:52:17

From: NSW
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Re: Hello Stackers

WELCOME TO SS, Bob! … ublic.html

In subject: WTS - then brief description of the goods (Ag, Au, and size helps)

Add photo if you've got one handy if it's a unique/unusual piece. Add whatever price you want, whether it sells will determine if it was fair wink

My advice, is have a look at what the dealers are offering for that product (if they have it) and sold ebay listings. THEN shave a few percent OFF that price. Most people on SS have a fair idea if something's a good deal and aren't going to pay silly prices. You'll just end up with a dead thread.

Most people will state how they will deal with multiple people interested in items in their description. People write the word "BUZZ" on the thread if they are happy with the price/conditions you've stated on the description. Others will say "Buzz (pending clarification of postage etc)"

Be sure to say whether postage is included in price or how much extra it is. If you're willing to do F2F (face to face) that could be another way to save your buyer money.


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#3 2016-12-13 20:41:12

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From: Australia
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Re: Hello Stackers

Hi & Welcome

WTS: Brand new Air-Tite Capsules 38mm, 39mm & 40mm $0.90 each
Brand new red cap storage tube model H to fit all the above Air-Tite capsules $3.50 each.
Model A (round 50's & smaller capsules $3.50 each. Plus more items available (please see my sales thread)


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