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#1 2015-12-24 11:35:49

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Russia Issues Crimea Banknote

Russia on Wednesday issued a new banknote dedicated to Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula it annexed last year, in a move likely to anger Kiev which says it wants the territory back.

Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine in March last year in a military operation denounced by the West which imposed retaliatory sanctions on Moscow that remain in place.

The new banknote, worth 100 rubles ($1.41), depicts a memorial to sunken ships in the port of Sevastopol, where Russia keeps its Black Sea Fleet, and the Swallow's Nest, a cliff top castle near Yalta.

The yellow-colored note also features a watermark of Empress Catherine the Great, who extended the borders of the Russian Empire in the eighteenth century to absorb Crimea.

Russia's central bank said in a statement it would issue 20 million of the new notes. It has previously minted a 10 rouble coin to celebrate Russia's control of Crimea. … -banknote/


#2 2016-01-03 13:25:33

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Re: Russia Issues Crimea Banknote

Very interesting - definitely a historical piece in the making!

I've noticed the speculation on these is very high ~$5 for each note (as per this ebay listing) … J#viTabs_0

What are people's thoughts on this - do they think it will live to the hype?



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