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Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers

Hatton Garden has been London's jewellery quarter for more than 200 years and is currently home to 300 jewellery businesses, including market leaders De Beers. Located north-west of the City in Holborn, this half-mile stretch is where millions of pounds of gold, silver and precious stones are bought and sold every day.

This lively one-off film goes behind the scenes, meeting the wheelers, dealers and distinctive personalities working in the area – which attracts everyone from millionaire clients looking to commission exclusive pieces, to romantic punters seeking that perfect ring to propose with.

Among the characters we meet are Steve Kirby, a sole trader who conducts the sale of a diamond ring in the back of a taxi. He makes his living by buying and selling gold but, because prices are fixed twice a day, profits can quickly fluctuate – meaning sometimes he needs to sell items fast to make a profit.

There's also Michael Lynton, a veteran jewellery maker whom we watch working on an intricate diamond-studded gold bird, using techniques that have barely changed for centuries.

Elsewhere we meet Leigh Stutman, a glamorous young metal reclamation expert who provides a vivid insight into her often mucky job: extracting scraps of gold from dirty workshops and sifting drains for bits of precious metal that have been washed down the plughole. Jobs like this, it seems, are gold-dust.

Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers will be on ITV on Thursday 24 July at 9.00pm.

WBI- 41.16

"There's no point in paying a mortgage on an asset that is going to fall by 40 per cent or so in the next few years". Steve Keen, 2008.
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