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#1 2017-03-20 14:12:48

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Help with information about a silver round.

Hello, I am new to silver round collecting. I purchased a silver round from a local coin show. I am trying to find information about it and don't know where to look/ask, so I joined Silver Stackers in hopes that someone here can either help or point me in the direction I need to go for further research. I will attempt to upload a photo, but not sure if I know how. The obverse of the round looks like a proof Morgan dollar. At the six O'clock position it says 1983. Clockwise around the top (from 8:00-4:00) it says "National Bullion & Coin, Inc.". The reverse says One Troy Ounce, has balanced scales, .999 fine silver, Silver Trade Unit.

So.......Here it what I have so far:

William Thomas Rogers founded National Bullion & Coin in Phoenix in 1983.
There was some kind of lawsuit in which he may have gone to jail.

was wondering if anybody on this list has any more information or can point me to where I can look. How many were minted? Any other years? Any other designs?

Thank you in advance,



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