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#1 2017-03-20 13:08:18

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Long Pipes

Recorded here, in case this turns out to have been a stroke of genius:

Long Pipes is a private company I had the opportunity to invest in last year through a friend's connection with the company.  It is developing what could be a disruptive technology, or perhaps better to say 'technique' of producing pipe, in very long lengths, in the field.  Here is their website.

It is still frustratingly early days, and the company is still in Pty Ltd status, so several of us have formed a trust to go in as one shareholder.  But LP will become a limited company soon, meaning that the restrictions on number of shareholders will be lifted.  IPO pending, or so we're told smile

Any comments or feedback welcome.. Industry insights, war stories, cautionary tales (though it's a bit late for those!).

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