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#976 2017-03-19 20:34:44

Silver Stacker
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Re: Useless Trivial facts

How many vegans just it take to change a light globe?


One to change the lightglobe and one to tell you they're both vegans.


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#977 2017-03-19 21:06:16

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Re: Useless Trivial facts

JulieW wrote:

Slightly trivial and maybe not fact outside certain circles.

"Guns don't kill people, people kill people" is not an argument. It's a slogan, a motto, whose intended meaning goes beyond its literal interpretation.

This line of argument is basically a strawman fallacy, which is when you construct a weaker version of your opponent's argument in order to then disprove it. In this case the weaker argument is that "guns kill people" all by themselves. No one actually believes that or argues that. Even the most committed gun control advocate acknowledges that firing a gun takes human intervention. The stronger argument being concealed by the strawman is "people with guns kill more people than do people without guns."

It's also a black or white fallacy in that it is an attempt to frame the debate as two mutually exclusive choices, when other options may exist. You'll often find these two fallacies together, where the debater creates an artificially weak version of your position, and then tries to frame it as the only alternative to his or her position.

IMPORTANT: The fact that this particular argument is fallacious does not mean we can therefore be justified in rejecting the conclusion the argument is intended to support (that in itself would be an argument from fallacy error), it just means we cannot take the argument as providing any actual support for the conclusion. … d-argument

But the inherent flaw in this argument is that it is several paragraphs long and contains several four- and five-syllable words.

Damn elitists!

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