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#1 2017-03-16 03:39:08

Silver Stacker
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Hi Stackers,

something a bit different this time.  My father has decided to part with his collection of "chunky" copper medallions from France.  Well they are rather heavy so I think they are copper or maybe bronze.  I understand some of these are pre 1980's but as all the info I can find is in French I am not sure.  The artist, R. B. Baron is well known in France and has made quite a few different pieces over the years and has a wiki entry here: … rev=search

The 16 medallions weigh in at just under 3.5 kg with the largest at 440 grams and the smallest at 110 grams, so a hefty piece of French history.

The photos do not do these medals justice.  Both sides of all the medallions are cast in relief with absolutely beautiful renditions of animals, buildings and famous people.

Dad is asking $560 for the lot including registered post in Australia.   So around $35 a medallion delivered.

Happy to post overseas at cost so anyone who wants to repatriate these back to Europe now is your chance!

I have placed 3 X $1AUD coins next to the medallions to help show the size.




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